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Stone Chips Repair

Stone chips are the small marks in your car paint caused by stones from the road hitting your car at high speed. These are typically found on the front bumper and around the front edge of the bonnet. Stone chips can also often be found in front of the rear arch of performance cars with flared arches.

Stone chips are virtually unavoidable but also act as an indicator for care and mileage and can therefore reduce aesthetic appeal and value.

Chips & Scuffs provide a stone chip repair service for all makes and models. The chips can be repaired by our experienced technician restoring the correct height of the paint before applying paint to make the chips vanish. Due to the significant variations in stone chips quotes are provided on an individual job basis. Please contact Chips & Scuffs for a no obligation quotation for paint stone chip repairs. Repairs are completed with zero hassle at your home or workplace for ease and convenience.

Stone Chips Chips & Scuffs Auto Cosmetics
Stone Chips Chips & Scuffs Auto Cosmetics

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Stone Chips Chips & Scuffs Auto Cosmetics
Stone Chips Chips & Scuffs Auto Cosmetics